End of Semester

Two day and counting and this semester will be done. Wow! How time flies when you are having fun. I hope that all my contacts will continue to follow me because they have posted many good posts and resources. I feel kinda sad that it has to end for now but I will take with me the experience of blogging and continue to use this source of social media to promote my business. La Lee’s Bridal is the newest thing I have going on in my life and trying to promote it will be a challenge and with the training I got from this course will lead me to make by business a success.


Longhorns in the Olympics

The Olympics are over and now to go back to a regular programming channels. Honestly this year’s games were so exciting and hype. I was proud of the Olympians and especially proud of the one’s who were Longhorns and represented Texas at the games too! A total of 13 Longhorns walked away with medals. Continue reading


Last night as I was watching the track and field part of the games, I started to join in on the hype of the 400 men’s relay. Everybody was chanting for the Jamaican’s and were saying that they were surely the one’s who were going to winI doubted that and stood besides the US Mens team. One guy from Jamaica who they called “BOLT” was warming up and it seemed like he had no worry and that the race was already won and in the bag. Continue reading

End of Semester

With the semester winding down I am kinda feeling the blues. Even though it is not the end of the world but it seems like school has became apart of my life and it has been so fun and informative. I don’t get why most people shy away from seeking a degree and getting more knowledgeable about what career choice that they might be heading into. Continue reading